Liniar Overview – Superior Windows & Doors

There are many different window and door profiles on the market for window and door companies to choose from for their customers, but few can compare to Liniar. Made of high-quality materials and designed for superior performance, Liniar will impress your customer base. This blog post will look at what makes the Liniar profile system so unique.

Energy efficiency

The Liniar profile is highly energy efficient, thanks to the multi-chamber construction. This structure helps to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, making your home more comfortable all year round while also helping to reduce energy usage. Liniar systems can achieve a WER of A+ and a U-value of 1.2 W/m²K.

Window and Door styles

Liniar windows and doors come in a wide range of styles and designs to suit any home, allowing you to offer a range of options to your customers and be available in various colours.

Liniar window styles

From the popular Casement Window, which matches any house design, to Flush Sash, with a classic look to French Casement, specifically great for kitchens and extensions because of their wide opening ability, there is sure to be a Liniar window that is perfect for your customers’ needs.

Liniar door styles

From French Doors to Patio Doors, to traditional Composite Doors for a beautiful entry to your home, alongside Residential Doors and Stable Doors. Liniar offers a door for every customer.


If you are looking for superior quality windows and doors for your customers, then look no further than the Liniar range. 

Liniar meets the BS EN 12608:2016 standard of quality, consistency and performance required for uPVC profiles. Liniar also has BBA Approval. The BBA is the UK’s authority of approval on construction products and installers and they provide an unbiased review of the product’s performance. Liniar holds this certificate for the whole Liniar window system, so you can have peace of mind when recommending it to your customers.


Liniar guarantees all Liniar uPVC profiles not to warp, split or discolour for 10 years from the installation date. This means your customers can have peace of mind for at least 10 years, nothing should go wrong with their new product, and if the unlikely does happen, they can expect a speedy resolution.

Installer resources and technical support

Liniar offers many different installer resources and technical support on their website, including installation and maintenance guides to help you help your customer get the most out of their new window or door.

As one of the UK’s leading fabricators of uPVC windows and doors in the Liniar uPVC profile, TruFrame is proud to partner with Liniar – manufacturers of high-quality uPVC products. So, if you are looking for superior quality for your customers, then look no further than Liniar. Contact TruFrame today to learn more about our partnership with Liniar and how we can support you with fast turnaround times and dedicated technical and marketing support.

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